News about CR

we are happy to announce three new machines.

(1) 3月15日 Crossection Polisher (JEOL IB19530) @CR3
(2) 3月24日スプレーコーター (代理店:三明) @CR2 ゾーン1
(3) 3月24日 Nanospecの後継機 @CR2 ゾーン4

(1) CP (位置合わせ顕微鏡付き)
電子顕微鏡観察の前処理として、アルゴンプラズマにて、断面を綺麗にエッチング出しする装置です。 精密位置合わせをして、ポリッシュできるようになりました。もちろん、色々な研究室にある装置ですが、Regulus SU8230の隣にあることで、クリーンルームから出ることなく、結果をその場(オンサイト)で観察できます。

(2) スプレーコーター
Deep RIEなど、段差の大きいものの被覆に最適です。研究プロジェクトのためですが、2ラインあるうちの1ラインを共通として使わせていただけることになっています。

(3) ナノスペックの後継機 (TohoSpec3100)

(1) 15/Mar Crossection Polisher (JEOL IB19530) @CR3
(2) 24/Mar Spray Coater (via Sanmei) @ CR1 zone 1
(3) 24/Mar Replacement of Nanospec @ CR2 zone 4

(1) Crossection Polisher (JEOL IB19530)
The machine will be used to obtain clear crossection for SEM observation. I suppose everybody tried to cleave with a silent yell. (Then stunned by fragmented samples, sometimes..).
By using Crossection Polisher, it is possible to precisely align and engrave crossection. The same type of machine is of course installed in many laboratories; our machine, unique synergy is obtainable by installing in adjacent to Regulus SU8230, to help on-site observation of fabricated samples.

(2) 24/Mar Spray Coater (via Sanmei)
Best for covering samples having large height distribution.
The machine is for a research project; we can share one of two resist lines.

(3) Replacement of Nanospec (TohoSpec3100)
To quickly and easilly measure thin film thickness.

Clean room cleaning


On 7 and 8 April, specialists will come to clean Cleanroom.Please do not come to use CR. Fan Filter Unit will be stop.Therefore our rule has been to hold "Big Cleanroom Cleanday" with participation of everybody (oosouji, we call, in December).
However, it is now impossible to hold the same due to pandemic. So this time we paid specialist.
However, once each member lose get concerned, the room will readily become ruin.
"Cleaner than before you came".
"Dispose evident trash although it is not yours".
Let us actively collaborate to keep "Highest class cleanroom in Yamanote Loop line".

lambda2, a new equipment, has been introduced.

顕微鏡とマイクロメーターによるマニュアル位置合わせで、位置合わせ精度は±0.5μmです。θもマニュアルですので、「見たまま」合わせることができます。 ここまではlambdaと同等ですが、lambda2では、力モジュールがパワーアップし、「400N」までの力をかけることができます。 (前は、60N)
lambda初号機と違って、ピックアップツールの交換が簡単(20分ぐらい)になっており、どちらも試せます。 これにより、「積んで」「リソして」「削る」に、新たに「接合する」が加わり、さらにプロセスの幅が広くなりました。


We have renewed (I bought) a new Flip-Chip bonding machine(finetech lambda) to replace old "Finetech lambda" since 2016.
This is a chip-level (up to around 20mm) alignment and bondingmachine. Alignment is fully manual, with micrometer and microscope. Alignment accuracy under perfect (= both chip andsubstrate are flat and in perfect parallel) condition is plus minus 0.5 microns. Theta can also be precisely aligned manually. This machine realizes "what you see is what you bond". In fact above feature is equivalent to that of lambda.
With lambda2, we have significantly improved total bonding force:400N. (lambda only could press up to 60N)
This is the unique machine installed in Universities of Japan.
Default bonding method is heat + compression (pressure);The president of Finetech GmbH (Deutchland) cordially have decided to lend us their ultrasonic pressure unit.(I may decide to buy if there are high demands voices).Changing the pick up tool from heat+compression to ultrasonic (and vice versa) was too complicated for lambda1; doing with lambda2 has become so easy (only 20 minutes). So the users can now test and compare both methods.
In grace of the new machine, purchased jointly of cooperative research work passing through me, Takeda CR can now not only make standard processes: "Depo" "Litho" and "Etch", but also "Bond" different materials. You may take full advantage of this new opportunity.
Of course, as explained every time, it is your responsibility to take full attention against pandemics, but keep take advantage of our platform for your scientific and technological contributions to the humanity.

Yoshio Mita